About Republican idiocy on health care policies? -Texas politician Rick Perry leads the way

‘Gov. Rick Perry, who is vocally opposed to the (Obama health care) law, says the state can “deliver health care more efficiently, more effectively and cheaper than the federal government can.” That’s great, Rick, but you are a liar, now aren’t you. Your state, Texas, which is where I am from, actually has the highest percentage of its population of any of the 50 states who remain without any health care coverage. So you are a liar! See A look at the health care law in all 50 states

As bad as Obama’s law is, it at least gives lip service to the reality of their being a major problem here. None of the Republicans will do even that, and together the 2 corporate political parties just don’t seem to give much a damn about the actual health of the US people. To have good health, one must be able to access the medical system. Many in the US have extreme difficulties in doing that. How long will The People have to endure the 2 capitalist parties playing games with themselves on this issue?

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