About the supposed good character of American army troops

“…We should never, as a policy, maltreat people under our control, detainees. We tortured people unmercifully. We probably murdered dozens of them during the course of that, both the armed forces and the C.I.A.”US Army General Barry McCaffrey commenting on US television in 2009 about US Army troops in Iraq.

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12 Responses to About the supposed good character of American army troops

  1. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Hey Tony a little piece of lesson for you…General Barry McCaffrey retired in 1996….so he was not in the armed forces at all during the war in Iraq…so how the hell would he know what the fuck people were doing over there….quit giving people misleading information….the truth tony the truth shall set you free……

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Excuse me, Jeremy. But I do believe that the wars against Iraq began way before McCaffrey retired as general in the US Army… don’t you know that, Sir? Of course, you weren’t even 10 years old at that time when ‘the war’ began? You were just a baby back then….

    Plus, if you had reviewed the info on the wikipedia link about McCaffrey that I pointed you to, you would have read this…. ‘In June 2005, he surveyed Iraq on behalf of U.S. Central Command and wrote an optimistic report afterwards.’

    Thus, I do believe that retired General McCaffrey might know just a little bit more about Iraq than either you or Gomer Pyle do.

  3. Avatar Jeremy says:

    He survayed it and gave information…do you really think the commandeing general in iraq is gonna let a survayeranywehere close to bad stuff? Hell no he aint…i know what we do over there….He made an assumption because at that time nothing but bad things were coming out of Iraq…. Tony quit assuming information…get your facts straight…

  4. Avatar Brittany says:

    Generals don’t leave base by the time you are a general, its mainly polotics. As for tony you never served in the military never experinced war as a soldier or soldiers family. Wikipedia is written by normal people mistakes can happen, or people can be gloryfied. My two year old knows more about war than you do, she sacrifices time with jeremy so you can talk shit to everyone. Show some respect tony.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Brittany, I never went into the US military for one reason. I do not support the US government wars like you and your husband do. The fact is that you hope to get special privileges and benefits from being in the military and you will. US civilians will be paying for your medical care as you age, even as we are denied it ourselves due to the dysfunctional structure of the US corporate insurance run Medical System. You will also get educational benefits, though I doubt that many of the illiterates such as yourself will use much of that. But many others will and civilians will pay for it as they themselves get billed up into the $100,000+ range themselves for educational credits! And of course, you will have us civilians also paying for your special military pensions, even as Social Security provides way too little for civilians to alone retire securely on.

    You military view yourself as a separate and superior caste above others, and I wanted nothing to do with that. You are not superior to others like you think though, and many of you are rather pathetic in your constant efforts to parade yourself off like you do. In fact, the military is chock full of bozos and all military themselves know that, even as they pretend oftentimes that that is not the case. Honesty is not any quality that the US military is known for.

  6. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Tony this entire world is chock full of bozos like yourself….and tony im going to collage…have you ever been to collage…have you ever worked a full time job and gone to collage?…probably not….

  7. Avatar Jeremy says:

    and tony its funny you speak of honesty when you yourself do nothing but lie…what is your real name Tony…

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The two things you need to do before you go off to ‘collage’, Jeremy, is for you to first finish High School and then to second learn how to spell college correctly. Good luck to you, Friend. You can do it!

    BTW, I am getting tired of the silly little personalized squabbles between us two. That being the case I’d like to invite you out for a beer and a bbq or two, on me even. Rudy’s is not great but it’s not horrible either. What about it, Jeremy? With me, military people like yourself get a 100% discount and not just a miserly 10%! Can’t go wrong there.

  9. Avatar Jeremy says:

    hahaha very funny on the college shit…its called a misspell…also what is your real name tony…and i graduated from high school with distinction…i love how you take personal shots at me and refuse to answer the questions…did you know britt is like 10000 in debt bc of school…did you know her grandparents and they cant even make a house payment and hes a retired 1st lt….also it takes her weeks to get an appointment…quit assuming things and acting like the goverment hands us shit…i went two weeks without pay and still went to work…how many civies would do that….tony were anti war we do not support war…but your anti-military….and your an rn at a va hospital that works with vets…is this how you treat them?….Tony get your head out of your ass….you work for the government that you hate so much…you work for the troops who you hate so much….quit lying….quit being a fake….

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The bbq and beer offer still goes, Jeremy. I must not be that much anti soldier after all, and you would not be the first soldier I have socialized with by a long shot. As to you being antiwar though??? I kind of doubt that. You have already run your mouth way too much for anybody to ever believe that.

  11. Avatar Brittany says:

    Hey tony just a simple question to answer your question. What soldier wants to leave his family for a year? None that I met.

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No, separating moms and dads long term out away from their families so that they go and fight wars of aggression and occupation for Corporate Uncle Sam in other peoples’ lands is not right. Your kids need their dad at home and not overseas possibly killing other people’s kids.

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