Adieu, Grenouilles, Adieu – The Great Buzz-Kill

Following the bees in a steep nose dive to oblivion, frogs and other amphibians. This one appears to be death by fungus, much like our own beloved “athletes’ foot”. Except amphibians have yet another use for their skin. They have both gills and lungs, but neither suffice for breathing. A toad stores water, a frog cannot. A chemical called bufotenin highly prized by connoisseurs of quality recreational psycho-pharmaceuticals (Toke a toad, go to Jail) is the chemical part of a toad which makes that possible. Toads can survive dry conditions, but a dry frog is, to use and esoteric medical term, dead. Enter The Fungus. (They breathe through their skins)

Irish “lumper” potatoes and European grapevines suffered a similar plague, the lumper fed an entire nation, until suddenly it didn’t, (The bees come into play shortly, have patience, gentle reader) and the Franco-Italian wine industry was saved, according to The Only Approved Texas History Curriculum, by Texas “Mustang” grapes, the roots of which are resistant to the Fungal Plague. Grapevines are very easy to graft, you can get several varieties growing on one root. This technique is mentioned in The Bible at least once as a metaphor for Gentiles becoming Christian and, by extension Jewish. More on that soon.

So what unleashes, historically, such plagues? Lack of fallow, which is wild lands, separating one field from the other. The Bible, which many Christians consult when they want an excuse to Kill other Children of the Living God. (“God Hates Fags”, etc…) calls for “Crop Rotation”, plant X number of fields with a different crop, never the same crop 2 years in a row, each field to “have its Sabbath” and lie fallow every seventh year. The books of Kings and Chronicles, 1st and 2nd of each (in Christian Bibles, the Jewish scriptures keep them on meghillahs or scrolls) and the Prophets will say one or more Kings “did evil before the LORD, and did not give the land her Sabbaths”, usually just before a plague, drought or famine.


Weeds, or “fallow” have been described as “the flowers God plants in His won Garden”, and while you don’t want them growing in your spinach, wheat, grazing land, etc…, feed the butterflies, bees, other insects, birds, bats, frogs… but don’t feed way too many of any single life form. Some anthrax keeps the fields fertile, overgrazing puts the anthrax at a level where large mammals like sheep, goats, cattle, humans… get it in their bodies.

Milkweed, poisonous to just about everything else, feeds the larvae of the Monarch butterfly, but not grasshoppers. Mosquitoes feed the birds, bats and frogs which also feed on flies, grasshoppers, (locusts) and other insects which become dangerous when they are the dominant life form. Shoot off all the Bison, plow up the prairie “weeds” and plant eleventy-eight bazillian acres of corn or wheat and you get The Dust Bowl.

DDT “only kills insects”? WRONG ANSWER, COWBOY!!

Bees, in their wild state, eat many kinds of nectar (not pollen) and by getting pollen on their bodies which then gets transferred to the female flowers which promotes genetic diversity. And gives Bees a diverse diet, unlike the artificially contrived one the get for weeks on end fertilizing the Megacrops.

The “Mega-Crop-oration” which makes Roundup and its Ugly Stepsisters paraquat and Agent Orange, Monsanto, makes a synthetic version of the plants which feed the earth including the one truly parasitic species. Corn, for instance, the McDonald’s Potato, soybeans, tobacco that is resistant to “weed” killers like Paraquat, (extremely toxic to humans when burned and the fumes inhaled), genetically modified at the cost of Billions of dollars per species, and Bio-diversity? The Squid-corn hybrid, each plant is closer, genetically, than human siblings. Either develop each crop anew or have inbreeding worse than brother-sister incest.

Something the Bee and the complex ecosystem supporting her do for free.

Roundup “only” kills Weeds? WRONG

Somewhere in the former-rainforest-now-beef-pasture-and-GM-Soy-Megacrop WAS a bacteria or insect or combined web of many species which contained and confined the fungus which is now driving frogs to extinction. Some “weed” that ConAgra (Monsanto accomplice) deemed “expendable”.

A Work (Bee) man is Worth of Her Hire.

So, the Bee, which does so much of the work of Agriculture, has been vastly underpaid the past two centuries, forced to eat the nectars of a diminishing number of more and more inbred plants, and then only one species at a time. Now, it gets sicker.

You know High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which ConArga, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and the other MeCorporations have been pushing as REAL FOOD.

“Your body can’t tell the difference” (lies that advertisers tell you) but your pancreas tries anyway, creating the insulin and other endocrines designed to process NORMAL levels of proteins, fats and carbs but keyed to a not-really ancient-by-evolution-standards diet that got more protein from insects then “red meat” and got sugars in lower concentrations, far less sucrose, glucose, lactose and fructose, AND the amino acids an other chemicals needed to digest them. The recent ancestors of the Modern “food”” industry pushed “meat at every Meal” and cane sugar and sodium until the “consumers” (who are treated every bit as much a “resource” as the other crops, herds, timber and minerals) accepted them as a “normal diet”.

The natural sweetener, for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years of years, Honey… you know, the stuff made by a few species of insects? Already corrupted and weakened by the restricted Bee-diet of a very tiny-not even on percent-micro-or nano or pico-fraction of the total plant species they’re used to eating… Are now being fed HFCS to force them to produce more Honey.

So the Bees are disappearing. OOPS!!!! There aren’t enough human workers available to do the work. “Never fear”, sayeth the McCorporate Empire, “we’ll feed you a diet every bit as adequate as we’ve given the Bees!! And Bio-engineer you to the point you’ll still be as productive a workforce/consumer-base as we need you to be!”

Meanwhile they’ll Archive as many of the species of frogs, toads and newts as they can identify ahead of the Amphibian Apocalypse, and create a new ecology from the remnants of the Old, without all those silly restrictions God placed on us, like smaller herds, crop rotations, don’t poison you neighbor’s well…


and don’t forget to vote for the Corporate State.
because We Know What’s Good for YOU.

Frogs Breathe Through Their Skins
Leviticus only applies when The Leaders say so.

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