America hits the dead end all zoned out this zombie s’election’ time 2012

America is zoning out of paying the national elections much heed. Once again, we are presented only 2 horrifying ALLOWED visions for our country; Family Bush and assorted Far Right Christian aligned lunatics or Family Clinton and assorted capitalist governmental bureaucratic hacks? An ugly choice if you allow them to make it your and OUR only choice?

However, there is another, not already picked for you choice, and that is to try to establish an independent political movement outside of the control of America’s totalitarian rulers. That choice involves personal risks though because the thugs who rule over us are rather mean ones. And first, you must cut through the thick fog of your own apathy.

Don’t try to forge ahead though and work with others, and you will help make the world’s grave working alongside and with the world’s ruling class. Death is all around us now. You can see it at the carnival show ‘election’ assemblies very clearly. Work for CHANGE because the zombies won’t make it for you.

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