Americans are feeling increasingly pessimistic about their future says Poll

‘When it comes to the economy, half of Americans in a new poll say it won’t matter much whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins.’
Well sure it makes no difference which of these two parties wins. Both of their ‘candidates’ are from the same corporatocracy misleadership that rules over the American people in a most undemocratic manner. The sad thing about it, is that if the poll had asked these same 50% of people polled, they would probably all have said they were living in a democracy. However, in a true democracy it does make a difference who wins unlike with our US ruling class selections every four years. When Americans wake up and understand that we have no democracy in this corporate dictatorship, only then can this country begin to move towards changing our conditions. Not until then. A lesser of two evils mindset is simply not going to get the job done. See Poll: Election winner won't affect economy much.

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