Another look at the US soldier handing out candy to kids in occupied areas

How many times have we heard the story of the good hearted American soldier handing candy out to the kids in the countries’ the troops occupy? The US troops occupy these counties to defend the control of American based multi-national corporations over the world’s economy. So it’s no surprise to also discover that the American based food corporations are right behind these US troops ‘giving out’ (selling candy cheap) candy to the kids.

PBS TV now takes us to El Salvador to examine just what the results of all this candy pushing might be??? In El Salvador, Tooth Decay Epidemic Blamed on Junk Food, Lack of Information, AND US CORPORATE SEARCH FOR INTERNATIONAL PROFIT MAKING RATHER THAN HELPING GIVE PEOPLE GOOD HEALTH

Why are mass epidemics of junk food caused diseases now spreading across the world? Perhaps it’s because you are yet another American who can’t figure out that capitalism is bad for you, instead of good? Perhaps???? And perhaps it is also because you think those American soldiers are there as good guys, handing out candy to the little kids?

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