Anti-Gay hatred splits local Presbyterian congregations into warring groups

Isn’t this so sad, when people claiming to be motivated by love instead only seem motivated by hatred? …Local Presbyterian churches in Colorado split away from main church body over Gay issue

3 thoughts on “Anti-Gay hatred splits local Presbyterian congregations into warring groups

  1. AvatarGeorge Lansbury

    Oh, come on!

    Have you ever known Calvinists to be motivated by anything other than hatred?

    The Salem Wichhunts; the “Reconstruction” of the Southland; the old Presbyterian Woodie Wilson’s crusade to Save the World For Democracy…

    Read your history.

    Read your Max Weber.

    Ask for a bus ticket at “Ecumenical Social Ministries” (which is owned lock-sock-and-empty barrel by First Prez).

  2. AvatarGeorge Lansbury

    As usual, NMT’s staff infantile leftist, voraciously snapping up the delicious bait of political correctness, entirely misses the point.

    For p a r t of the r e a l s t o r y of the split of First Prez from the Presbyterian national organisation, see my comment on Eric Verlo’s discerning article, “The War On Women” is a wedge issue.”

    —George Lansbury

  3. AvatarBrother Jonah

    more spam.

    For anybody interested, the Presbyterian church and Episcopal church(es) like baptist, methodist, assembly of God etc… separated from each other on political lines. And yes, they did kill each other regularly. the espicopalians, “Church of England” or simpler “anglican” is the ones regulated and supposedly ruled by the reigning dynasty in the english empire.

    Protestant church members butchered quite a lot of other protestants.

    Just as insanely as protestant-on-catholic-on-protestant violence.

    Queen Elizabeth the First of England who was Elizabeth the Nothingth of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, stiffened up her deceased daddy Henry the 8th’s Conformity Laws. from any range of punishment from jail time, banishment to the Colonies or simply killing them. Them being Non-Conformists, bet you wondered where that came from didn’t you? Well, now you know. Presbyterians failed to conform on the issue of Church and State. So when you hear stupid bastards like George Bush, aka king George the Stupidest, (who is actually royalty) yapping and gum-flapping about the bridge between Church and State, well, that’s what he’s freaking out about. I’m ending my sentences prepositions with. Sue me.

    Short story, Prez folks felt the Church should be the masters of the State and Episcopalians felt it should be the other way round.

    There’s a large body of stupid people who feel that Church and State should not be separate.

    If you ask any of them which Church should be the State Church he will unfailingly say “Why, MY own Church, of course. But in order to have a Church State, the State Church will always be on the opposite side of the equation. And it will be bloody hell. Literally. It’s the reason the states of Virginia, Maryland and the Carolinas and you can throw in Georgia too had shooting wars across their borders.

    Virginia wasn’t named for the Virgin Mary but Elizabeth the Virgin Queen.

    Maryland was named for one of the endless line of queens of England Scotland etc named Mary.
    Georgia was named for King George the first and Carolinas were named for one of the Kings Charles.

    This is the reason the First Amendment goes along the lines of Freedom of Religion and probably helped it get omitted from the articles of the Constitution and thus an Amendment. Some of the folks revered as Founders had a little bit of conscience and common sense, others were, well, butt-munch bastards who wanted to keep the worst elements of aristocracy. Which to me means “every aspect of aristocracy”. It’s too bad, of course, but that’s how they set it up.

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