Arriba PRD!

____In Mexico, the people want the corruption exposed! Go PRD! Arriba Natalia Juarez!

The presidential candidate of the PRD, AMLO, is certainly a preferable choice over the other 2 running against him, also. One more week to go to the Mexican elections.

Me? I’d certainly vote for Natalia if I could. She wants to expose it all and a PRD victory certainly would help do that. It might punch a hole in the US mandated ‘drug war’ as well. López Obrador presidential campaign headquarters It might help bring about some CHANGE. ….Gulp… a scary thought for many… in Mexico as well as in the US.

‘Dare to construct for yourself the national alternative without compromises or corruption! In the name of all women- We are for a very real CHANGE!’ … That Natalia sure knows how to put it! Too bad our US DP-RP campaigns seem so dull in comparison. They are.

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