Arson against Joplin Missouri mosque grossly under-reported in US press

The Joplin mosque was set on fire and its worshippers victimized twice in five weeks, though officials have yet to declare the second fire to be arson. See: Joplin mosque members encouraged by support.

Why the cause has not been determined is as curious as why the Waldo Canyon blaze’s cause right outside Colorado Springs has yet to be determined, though Teller county had countless efforts at arson during the immediate days before that blaze. The total of contributions to rebuilding the mosque is reported by the Joplin press to have the day before yesterday reached $250,000 though, which is an encouraging sign for our country that there are still some people who rally to such a cause.

With all the US government wars against Muslim countries, the hate crimes are certainly bound to continue. And that is a sad reality. Muslims and Sikhs are just two other religious groups not too far different than the Christian ones when you get right down to it. The hate flowing from the USA USA meat-head set is just so damn stupid.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It is heartwarming to know, that so many have rallied to helping the Islamic community of Joplin Missouri raise the funds to help rebuild their burnt down mosque. Many of those who have assisted in this are not of the Muslim faith themselves even, and the amount raised is now over $400,000! See the website below for more info …

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