‘Austere’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel muddles around in Greece

‘Just minutes before Merkel arrived in downtown Athens, protesters dressed as Nazi officers rolled into Syntagma Square, outside the Greek Parliament building, in a military jeep festooned with swastika-stamped flags… …Her visit revived haunting memories of the Nazi occupation of Greece. Placards and banners across the capital brought swastikas back to the streets of Athens, only this time put out by Greeks themselves to mock and criticize Germany. Some protesters referred to Merkel as “the new Fuhrer.” “History is repeating itself,” said Georgia Taragi, a 59-year-old pensioner. “Only this time we won’t stand for it. Greeks have awakened.”‘ See German leader Merkel greeted by protesters in Greece

What are we in the US to call our very own American pushers of austerity for the poor and bailouts for the rich?
After all, all the Mitt Romneys and Barack Obamas ever talk about is how we need to defund Social Security, social programs, public schools, and local governments.

Inside Europe, German government has become the big enforcer of austerity programs used against the common folk of Greece.

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