Capitalist barbarism on display in Florence, Colorado and Honduras

By now, the propaganda machine in capitalist society world wide has begun its coverup of the real truth about the Honduran prison gulags. Almost 360 burned alive in a fire at a prison system where it WAS NOT the first time the Honduran police authorities have burned prisoners alive, hundreds who never were even convicted at all in this most recent case. But the corporate media is keeping the lid well down on the news that this burning alive of Honduran prisoners has happened in Honduras before, and in each case there is much educated speculation that the Far Right governmental authorities have been deliberately killing people in this horrible manner. See Honduras prison fire: Tragedy repeats itself.

It’s not like a government made up of death squad cops and military would ever have any compunction about doing these massacres, any more than the authorities here in the US have any compunction about using solitary confinement as a torture tool in our own US prison gulags. The so-called ‘super max’ concentration camp just south of our city in Florence, Colorado being one of the worst torture centers in the world today all through use of solitary confinement on a mass scale.

Capitalist barbarism is on display in most of the prisons, including those in Florence, Honduras, and most almost all the other capitalist countries world wide. Incredible that so many dullards in the population here think of the US, which has a gigantic gulag load full of prisoners to torture, as somehow being the ‘Home of the Free’. Hardly.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    A new development has ‘a team of investigators from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ trying to exonerate the Honduran military dictatorship of any responsibility in torching these prisoners alive, many who were held only because they looked like gang members to the fascist authorities backed up by the US government there in Tegucigalpa.

    So one must also ask the following question of the Obama Administration…. Why does your Administration continue to back this military regime up against the legally elected government overthrown with us support for the Honduran military junta now led by Dictator Lobos?

    And why should anybody believe that the US government is in any form whatsoever an authoritative voice about what actually happened with this fire? The Honduran military regime is nothing more than a D.C. puppet government and has no authority at all, as neither does its backers, the Obama Administration.


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