Doublespeak about US war against Syrian government continues from Obama White House

Just days after announcing that it was going to openly arm ‘Syrian rebels’ already armed by the US and its Middle Eastern allies, the Obama White House now claims that it is supposedly against fighting a war against Syria, even though it is already doing so more and more overtly. All this lying and dancing, skipping rope and singing ‘human rights’ love and yada yada is how the US government always begins its wars, is it not? Nothing new here with the Obama Democratic party crowd at all in this respect. Actually, they make the Bush and Cheney team even look like amateurs in this racket. Following massacre, White House maintains opposition to US military action in Syria. Is that young White House PR man pictured spouting the bullshit really named ‘Jay Carney’, Obama? How corny the guy seems for a carney! Really.

1 thought on “Doublespeak about US war against Syrian government continues from Obama White House

  1. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    The Democratic Party doublespeak for its war against Iran and Syria just keeps getting more and more nauseating. Here is Hillary pontificating about Russia and Syria, to just hear how bad this doublespeak has gotten.

    Clinton: Russia contributing to Syrian civil war

    Only Americans well accustomed to being brain washed could really take any of this Clintonite poppycock seriously, one would think.

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