“datniggytb” – the Real George Zimmerman

All those racist George Zimmerman supporters, who simply love him because he shot that “datniggytb”. What’s racist about us and Mr. Cold Blooded Killer Zimmerman they ask? They even get all indignant when you call the stalker killer man, George Zimmerman a racist! They’ve got such incredible gall they do! But what is the real George Zimmerman really like? The Miami paper found out some… Here it is George Zimmerman’s crude Myspace page from 2005 uncovered.

And another weird angle of the whole case for us watching it from Colorado Springs is the hiring of the former slickster Colorado Springs public relations cop head guy, ‘Liars’ Myers, by the city of Sanford, Florida! Richard ‘Liars’ Myers specializes in cleaning up the imagery of troubled police departments like that where George Zimmerman was let go free after his killing of Trayvon Martin.

Here in Colorado Springs, Myers went to work hired soon after the CS police attacked elderly Pacifist peaceniks in the annual St Patrick’s day Parade. Bad stuff for the public image of Colorado Springs and Meyers was the man to change that around some. Sanford, Florida hopes he can do the same some for them good ol’ boys down there. And Liars Myers seemed to them to be just the right guy for the job.

First, though, they got to get George Zimmerman off by portraying him as a poor misunderstood soul who really doesn’t hate others at all… Don’t buy it though! ‘datniggytb’ reads a lot like -that nigger to be- don’t it, George? Sounds to us like you killed Trayvon Martin because you were out looking for -that dead nigger to be- in your sick sick racist head. And who cares if your mom was from Peru? Many of the lowlander Peruvians have utter racist disdain for the indigenous people in the highlands. And coming into Right Winger Cuban South Florida probably didn’t help any.

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1 Response to “datniggytb” – the Real George Zimmerman

  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    And, Zimmerman is a germanic word. Not Inca. I don’t know any of the Inca language structure but I would bet all of someone elses money that it doesn’t have any phonemes for Zimmerman.

    Oh, that’s his dad’s name. Maybe.

    Many of the Cherokee tobacco and later cotton planters used slaves, weren’t the majority but, like the whiter parts of the Southern demographics, the Rich just used religion, patriotism and racism as an uholy triad to convince the poorest people to fight for their own personal wealth.

    Just like always. Amazing how the 1% in any ethnic or religious group can do that to people they’re actively enslaving or otherwise ripping off, even though it’s been well reported.

    Just tell the Cracker Ass Rednecks or the equivalent in your own socio-economic sections that the Boogieman Race or however else you would describe The Ethnic Others need to be beaten down. Say that the Ethnic Others have been degrading your society at the command of whatever nation you intend to invade.

    Trump and Co. have been doing the same to Muslims for a while. They’ve even suggested making them wear armbands and the loud little fringe of that crowd say “we” should open up the internment camps for business “just like ‘we’ did for (to) the Japs”

    Maybe they can’t hear how strident they sound when they’re trying to act macho.

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