Democratic Party and Obama force strike onto Chicago teachers and the corporate run press begins badmouthing the teacher’s union

Rahm Imanuel, the former Obama Chief of Staff who is now Chicago’s mayor, Arnie Duncan, and President Barack Obama himself have all teamed together and forced the Chicago teachers into a defensive strike against the Democratic Party’s plan to push privatization off against yet more public schools while implementing more cutbacks to public schools themselves. Their plan is to make the teachers pay for this educational cutback and then to blame them afterwards for the bad results that will continue to accrue due to corporate and religious Right demands for yet more and more privatization of the country’s educational system. The corporate media has already started to badmouth the teacher’s union and blame the union for this strike they pushed the teachers into!

Unfortunately, another union, the SEIU signed a contract separate from the teachers union, and therefore will now use that as their excuse (“it is illegal to not cross the picket lines due to our SEIU contract”) and to not honor the teachers’ picket lines even as they mouth verbal support for the teachers. This strategy is very typical of the scabby pro Democratic Party SEIU nationally. Shame on them! Their crass support for the corproate Democratic Party misrepresnets their own union members and destroys multi union solidarity.

And the Republican Party and Mitt Romney have already begun to spout their lies and nonsense, too, blaming the Democratic Party for supposedly being pro union. Of course, no absurdity is too big for the Republican Party crazies to use in their sectarian quest to grab the White House away from their twin brother political party, The Democrats. Never mind that both corporate run parties support further privatization of the educational system, while trashing the public schools to make it look like a necessity if the public wants any education for our kids at all. The Republican Party will blame the Democrats even when it is the Republican Party program the DP leadership hacks are forcing off onto America!

The Chicago unions are fighting for our kids across the country. Support them, please. See also the Teacher X blog on Why I'm striking which states the issues in a simpler way still for those who haven’t thought much about this ‘strike’ issue yet.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    50,000 people in Chicago march in support of the teachers…

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