Everybody must now be watched in downtown Colo. Springs – so who will go downtown in that SICKO ambiance?

The Colorado Springs municipal government has now decided to gamble city tax funds into the National Security State by spending tens upon thousands of dollars in surveillance cameras. However, who will want to go into an already sterile downtown environment into the Downtown Surveillance State future? My guess is that it will be less than we have going downtown now. Who wants to be watched all the time IN PUBLIC as if they were automatically suspected of being potential criminals? Nobody. People will instead go into public spaces elsewhere and will give downtown businesses a pass.

Where did this reactionary city government mindset come from? It came from the national military industrial prison foreign occupation mindset, did it not? Why YES it did now, Conservative Assholes. Thanks for talking it up against Big Brother but actually backing it at every major opportunity.

Colorado Spring is actually a small peanut in this spread of surveillance, as we can see Everybody’s a Target in the American Surveillance State from this article discussing what it calls ‘the crown jewel’ in the Federal Program of surveillance of its own public citizens. Could we actually expect the reactionary dips we have on the city council and as mayor to counter the national trend when we, John Q. Public shows such generalized apathy about the loss of our own freedoms? I rather think that we couldn’t have expected much thought from this group of mental and political midgets that supposedly represent us locally, and we got exactly that nothing of thought in what they just voted to watch us with… SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS.

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