Dueling election rallies in Venezuela

The world corporate media claims that Hugo Chavez’s opponent for the October presidential election had hundreds of thousands of people rally for their candidate on Sunday. I even saw one report claim that it was a rally of 1,000,000 people against Chavez. But the same media is basically staying quiet about the rally one day later of Chavez supporters, where it is said in reports that only ‘thousands attended’ and that Chavez looked ‘swollen’ and still sick. However no matter how many rallied for who though, what remains is that Chavez is far ahead of his competitor according to the polls. It seems that even a still sickly Chavez is preferred by the majority of the poorer portion of the population in Venezuela over a healthy and obnoxious, 39 y/o pretty boy of the upper middle class candidate, the Señorito Henrique Capriles. REPORT- Hugo Chavez launches re-election bid

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