Egypt- Revolution not yet made

The conventional corporate media scribble is that Egyptians made a revolution a year ago when they overthrew the dictator Mubarak. However, Mubarak was not alone what oppressed Egypt and made their country one of poverty and lacking in human rights. It was the US constructed ‘Egyptian’ military that ruled over them, and it still does. Throughout the world in multiple countries, it is the US Pentagon that is the de facto ruler over other peoples, and so it is still in Egypt today.

CAIRO (AP) – Large marches of protesters chanting antimilitary slogans streamed from mosques around Cairo to join tens of thousands massed in central Tahrir Square in a new uprising anniversary rally Friday, with many demanding an early transfer of power by the ruling military and the trial of generals for the killing of protesters.

Tensions erupted when one march of hundreds of protesters headed toward the Defense Ministry building and was met by dozens of supporters of the military who chanted “the army and people are one hand.” The pro-military group formed a human chain across an intersection, but the protesters pushed through them, shouting “down with military rule.”

For full article see Egyptians mark 1st anniversary of 'Friday of Rage'

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