‘Every day of US occupation is a tragedy for Afghans’ says US Iraqi War veteran, Kevin Baker

Not all vets are pro 1%er war like the thug force unit, the so-called ‘Lethal Warrior’ soldiers at Fort Carson, now mobilized against Occupy Colorado Springs’ antiwar voices. Kevin Baker, Iraqi war vet, calls for immediate withdrawal and compensation to the Afghan people for the destruction done to their country. He also speaks out against the dehumanization of Afghans, and against the US military murders of the many Afghan children continually being done there by US troops. See the youtube video- US troops to be targeted after Afghan massacre?

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8 Responses to ‘Every day of US occupation is a tragedy for Afghans’ says US Iraqi War veteran, Kevin Baker

  1. Avatar Knee Slapper says:

    And I bet Kevin Baker is voting for Ron Paul!

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Nobody will be voting for Ron Paul come November. He will not get the Republican nomination and even if he did, he would be just as bad if not worse than the rest of the elephant herd if they were ever themselves able to gain the presidency and rule over us with their Democrat politician friends. I just cannot understand how people can delude themselves into thinking that this Far Right Wing Libertarian bozo is some sort of liberator of the common people?

  3. Avatar James says:

    Tony, where do you quantify “if not worse”? In fact, I’d like to see any single body of accredited information that Ron Paul is in anyway “worse” than his GOP competitors. Yes he wants a standing army, and yes I know you don’t like that idea. But hear now, friend, what other candidate has a proven record of non interventionism?

  4. Avatar James says:

    Intellectual honesty, got some?

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    James, Ron Paul would do away with ALL government assistance to the poor of this country, while still maintaining a bloated Police State and US military, PLUS INCREASE the level of belligerent foreign policy that threatens other countries with nuclear war. That makes him as bad as if not even worse than the other Republican Party politicians battling for the Republican nomination. You simply have no evidence that Ron Paul is in any way better than these others. Russia and China could hardly begin to actually think such.

  6. Avatar James says:

    But I do friend, do you think fox news would black out a candidate who is just as tethered to the military industrial complex as all the other candidates? Do you think his voting record has been built all these years just so he could trick you now? Do you believe his open allowance of Iran’s gaining a bomb is just for the purpose of going to war with it?–even though he says Iran can have one as a sovereign nation? Tony, come now–Dr. Paul isnt perfect (he sure should have disavowed those letters right away) but lets not make unjustifiable stretches of the imagination. I do have evidence Tony, go look at Paul’s platform. And as for the government assistance note you made, I cannot contest that– for that is where we differ politically, I respect your side but I am a moderate libertarian–so thats arguing idealogy and there’s no need for that. In fact, with the power of state’s right as advocated by Dr.Paul we could each have our own amount of welfare assistance and government assistance on the state level–just saying.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I think that Ron Paul sees the ‘real enemies’ of the US business class (which he totally adores) as being biggies like Russia and China. He would use nuclear weapons at the drop of a pin IMO.

    Libertarians really are Right Wing ideological nuts and that’s not just coming from ‘unjustifiable stretches of the imagination’ I might suffer from, Sir James. It’s coming from Ron Paul’s own ideology and the very real threat it represents to all of us.

    He tells you just whet he is, just entirely like Obama did, but some folk want to selectively pick the portions of Ron Paul’s ideology they back, and not see for themselves the entire program Ron Paul Actually advocates. This also is very similar to how so many politically naive people cherry picked the Democratic Party program and selectively viewed what Obama was saying to them back 4 years ago.

  8. Avatar James says:

    Again, I’m entirely on board for the libertarian agenda so it is a mute point for us to argue on that subject. China’s hardly our enemy in business, a good competitor sure, but its main economic strategy is mercantilism, a strategy that hurts industrialized competition globally.–as for Russia’s methods i am rather ignorant. But where do you assume he will drop a nuclear bomb on Russia? I need physical evidence, proofs of such a claim Tony. In no venue or public record have I ever heard of Ron Paul feeling tempted to go engage in total war with Russia or China. In fact, Ron Paul’s stances on the UN security council and on the debt owed to China could only result in a softening of the transnational tension. China wants more of a say in the council, Ron Paul wants the US to be less involved (de-facto granting China this). Also, fighting the debt and paying sovereign debt to China could only act as a force multiplier of peace.

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