Fascism on the Colorado State Seal

That’s Fascism on the Colorado State Seal. Seriously, not just “a” symbol of fascism but THE defining symbol, on the state ID, badges and vehicles. On the signs on state offices, parks, the arm patches of uniforms and on letterheads. Just below the gap between “OF” and “COLORADO” at top center is the Eye of Horus, the Egyptian/Coptic/Masonic symbol. That’s the symbol another fellow was showing me when my eye was caught by the one just under it. I had seen much smaller pictures and had thought it to be a calumet “peace pipe.” Instead it’s an Estruscan/Roman battle axe, with fascia, other rods fastened around the handle for reinforcement (like a splint) and to make the business end heavier, more mass for a more solid strike.

The Etruscans used it for all striking instruments and devised a political system around it. The civil government, police, military, industry and society at all levels bound together, fully integrated. A more modern way would be portrayed as a “political machine” with cogs and sprockets turning all together.

The Romans suppressed the Etruscan language but kept the technology and renamed it Fascism. The Nazis were a misnamed fascist group because, quite simply, they were ignorant dumbshits. Hitler and Ernst Rohm claimed they were commissioned by the Reichswehr to infiltrate them because they had “socialist” in the name. The Luftwaffe pilots got a lot of experience flying for the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese fascists, bombed Ethiopia and other places, like Guernica in Spain.

I’m… not real happy about that. I like Colorado and like most of the people I consider myself a citizen. One reason Fascism didn’t totally win was that Spain and Portugal couldn’t participate in WWII because their fascists were too busy slaughtering their own people.

I don’t want that here even if the US state and Defense and Commerce Depts DO give us Most Favored Nation Status in exchange for strategic military bases– oh that’s right, they do. Just like Franco in Spain. Well, then, it’s a damn good thing we at least beat them in Italy, right? I mean, it sure would be a tragic blow to the cause of freedom if Berlusconi was a Fasci– Oh yeah, that’s right…

But, yeah, that Etruscan axe was called The Fasces. They carried it into battle in symbolic gesture, like a flag only more useless. The Romans continues the practice. Mussolini continued it too.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Fascism on the Colorado State Seal

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Well, it don’t look like the ‘eye of horus’ to me??? But what I do see here is just more of the constant efforts of the Colorado Right Winger Christians to slink their religious crap into public affairs once again by doing it in Latin where nobody might really even notice it too much. Kind of like that ‘Respect Life’ antiabortion car state of Colorado license plate they all adore here and get special for their cars.

    That ‘nil sine numine’ bs on the state seal…. meaning “Nothing without God’. Us atheist Injuns be damned, I guess? Yeah… that’s what they, the Right Winger Christians, mean here.

  2. Avatar Brian T says:

    Tony Logan, it’s not a christian agenda, it’s a satanic one…like it always was, that “not so much an eye of horus” is the eye of lucifer…modernized and illuminized..it represents the morning star, the light bringer, or if you don’t want to go the spiritual route, that;s too bad because it is the eye representing the all knowi ng and deceiving on, lucifer encased in the egyptian trinity each corner a 60* angle (666) to symbolize the father(top), mother(bottom right) son (bottom left), or osiris(t), Isis(b.r.), Horus(b.l.), and the state seal actually means “nothing without the deity”, the “deity” as you so excellently helped my argument, is expected to be assumed as the christian God, when in reality, they chose their words very carefully just for that purpose and are really expressing their allegiance to satan, this country was stolen from you athiest injuns (not true injuns have a diety too) and created under false pretenses, it is was and always has been a satanic (why else would there be a specific focus on there needing to be religeous freedom) illuminati world domination agenda and it is finally coming to fruition, i do not knock you for oyur beliefs but before you try and nay say others who do have their facts in order, nay say yourself…that is until such a time when you come with facts instead of “force fed assumed to be correct because the media told me so truths” that are really opinions, and they aren’t even your opinons just ignant regurgitations of those who tell you and us and them and we and him and anybody else i forgot what to think, respectfully, honest to god believer(not so much repentor) Brian T-elightful

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    Yeah, I’ve the notion that all governments are driven by satan in its many faces.

    On the one hand I see fingerprints, a lifeline and nai… oh, that’s a rotten joke so I shan’t make it.

    In a more serious vein, they actually put Fascism on the state seal and expected nothing would be noticed. On the other hand I do in an almost sick way admire their guts in coming out like that.

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