Goodbye, Hero Soldier Thomas Borge. You tried when others didn’t give a shit

Here was one soldier that was a real hero to me Tomas Borge Martinez, 81, co-founder of Nicaraguan Sandinistas because he wasn’t one of those stupid trailer trash boys and girls who sign up mainly to get the GI benefits and to strut around proclaiming themselves to be some sort of hero when they aren’t that at all. Instead, Tomas Borge was a true soldier hero of his country.
Against all odds, Tomas Borge has died in old age. Now that you’ve read the corporate and US government bullshit about Tomas Borge in the first link in this article, perhaps you might be interested in reading another point of view to that crap? Perhaps…? Reflections on the Death of the Sandinista Leader- The Personal Revenge of Tomas Borge.

I have my own views about him since I kind of met him somewhat personally, when I first visited Nicaragua back in 1985 during a trip across much of Central America where I ran across many other soldiers at ‘work’ as well as Borge himself, who was head of the Sandinista army at that time.

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