Grab your Bible!, pop a few pills, smoke some weed? It might be better if you didn’t…

With this idea being PUSHED around the US, and especially Colorado, that marijuana is merely a miracle medicine instead of principally a recreational drug, came the troubling case of the so-called ‘Miami cannibal’. The preliminary autopsy is out on the now DEAD ‘cannibal’, and it turns out that he was merely chewing instead of eating the face off the homeless man he happened upon. What a relief, America! Rudy Eugene Autopsy: No Human Flesh, But Undigested Pills In Stomach: Report

Here’s the thing about ‘bath salts’ though. The marijuana could have been dusted with the drug or they could have been in pill form. ‘Bath salts’ are well known by ER docs to cause an intense chewing action of one’s mouth, combined often with paranoid delusions and extreme anger and aggression.

Lesson, Kids. Don’t put things in your mouth that you are unsure about the ingredients, whether it be to smoke or swallow. That mj you think is an innocent ‘medicine’, could be mixed with other drugs. Those unknown street (or even store) pills, might not be that pleasant a high.

The whole case of this disgusting episode in daily American life, shows how living has become quite a nightmare for many people countrywide. One way to decrease the level of often nightmare in our lives, is simply in that we, the general public, need to decriminalize the drugs that are being now most used, and then have the production of these substances strictly regulated so that they are not made into completely deadly poisons like apparently the ‘Miami Cannibal’ came across, Bible in hand.

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