Greek Left stands up to world’s super rich – No More Free Gifts to the Banks!

“We resisted in every way,” said Alexis Tsipras, leader of the hard-left SYRIZA party, which surged to second place in last week’s election on an anti-austerity platform and blocked any deal with pro-bailout mainstream parties. “We made the decision to not betray your hopes and your expectations,” said Tsipras, emboldened by opinion polls showing his party could top the poll in a second vote. “Now it’s time to complete it: We will consign in the dustbin of history all the spent forces of the past.

Full report at Greece to hold new election, jolts euro markets

The Greek Left is a lot stronger Left than we have in the US, where the majority of the population is about as politically backward as they come. Because they are stronger, they are able to stand up to the rich rather than trying to play along with the rich as the US population continues to do. Thank you, SYRIZA. You are helping out the common folk not just in Greece, but also in all of Europe. You are helping us fight the powerful super rich, even right here in the US.

Another world is possible! Down with the control over us of the banks!

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