He who is a thief should be called a thief, Carlos Slim!

Carlos Slim now sits atop the list of the world’s Mr. 1% billionaires with over $69,000,000,000 wealth taken from the Mexican people. Carlos Slim tops Forbes annual rich list …And to think that just a few years this thief prince was claiming before a judge in US court that he was being discriminated against due to the Anglo prejudice against Mexicans. The guy certainly has a lot of gall on top of his billions upon billions in dollars, stolen peso by peso from the impoverished masses of Mexico!

Plus, if the citizens of the US want to stop so-called ‘illegal immigration’, then why is this super criminal welcomed so eagerly into the US when he carries his fat cheeks our way North? Something is not quite right with our often richy rich anti- ‘illegal immigrant’ haters. Who could be more responsible for Mexican migration to the US than Carlos Slim? Why is he so welcome in the US then?

Why but Carlos is in cozy with the US Big Business class who stumble over themselves to claim that the US installed Mexican puppet regime is a ‘democracy’, all stamped approved by D.C. politicians hacks. Meanwhile, this same Pentagon and both Republican and Democratic Party Establishment ‘leaders’, are all totally behind pushing the Mexican government into the world wide bloody so-called US ‘War Against Drugs’, the US government political vehicle for overthrowing real Latin American democracy from ever being achieved, in every country of the Americas. Over 50,000 Mexicans have died in the last few years as a result of this D.C. mandated slaughter. The US has Mexican blood dripping all over its monuments and ‘Liberty’ statues these days.

$69 billions and still thieving away, ‘Slim’? …all due to being part of the ‘American way of life’, or make that DEATH. perhaps. We have a world where rich scoundrels rule over the rest of us who merely labor away for them, just like the slaves and feudal serfs of the past once did for their ruling classes. Carlos Slim heads up this world wide cabal of ruling class thieves, sitting at the top like one big fat pig. Oink oink, goes Carlos Slim.

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7 Responses to He who is a thief should be called a thief, Carlos Slim!

  1. Avatar Manuel says:

    you do not explain why he is thieft , it’s very to accused with prove .

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    First, off, Slim is a thief in very much the same way that the Walton family (Walmart) are thieves, Manuel. Excessive profit making steals the labor (money) of the working people all stacked economically way below these monopoly owners who are plundering the planets wealth for themselves. Billions of dollars of Slim’s money didn’t just fall out of the clear blue sky. This money came from Mexico’s impoverished working class.

    In addition, Carlos Slim has used his controlling influence in the Mexican government itself, to block regulation of the Mexican telecommunications industry, so as to form a monopoly in that vital sector of the Mexican economy. Slim has manipulated himself to be above the law in Mexico, but we should not worship him as being some sort of God for that, but well recognize that he is basically a SUPER THIEF.

  3. Avatar Pat says:

    I had my bank information stolen and fraudulent charges made by two companies owned by Carlos Slim. They cleaned out my entire checking account…

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yeah? But he really gets you with his company’s telephone service in Mexico. He’s worth billions upon biliions of dollars while 2/3 of Mexico has to get by on less than $250 per month! Where did his money come from?

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Carlos Slim was one of the insiders who benefited from neoliberalism in the 1980s. Already the owner of many different international businesses he bought at fire-sale prices in the wake of the 1982 debt crisis. “Many of these acquisitions were financed by the cash flows from Cigatam, a tobacco business which he bought early in the economic downturn.” He bought the Mexican state telephone company in 1990, and he then used the profits to create a transnational telecommunications empire, stealing from the working classes all over the world. Those ill-gotten billions don’t just come from Mexico–América Móvil is the largest phone company in Latin America. Slim also owns businesses in the U.S. He is a classic example of a transnational capitalist. He is no more a Mexican capitalist than Rupert Murdoch is an Australian capitalist.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Good point you make here.

    ‘He (Carlos Slim) is no more a Mexican capitalist than Rupert Murdoch is an Australian capitalist.’

  7. Avatar R says:

    Carlos Slim is a criminal, there is no doubt about it. It is a shame that scum like him should appear on the front cover of magazines or on the news as if they were something to admire.

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