Hillary Clinton, America’s new ‘Peace activist’ NOT

In the US world of constant corporate and Pentagon propaganda, nothing is seen as too absurd to try to float by the dazed and dumbed down American public these days. Today’s blues/gnus, for example, has Mitt Romney denouncing Obama for screwing up the national economy, even though Obama bailed out the mega corporate banking institutions with public tax money, just exactly as the Republicans wanted him to do, too! Romney believes the selectorate is so fogged out that they forgot all about that. Is that possible in Stupid America? Certainly so! And then there’s the amazing case of Hillary Clinton, who apparently is our Nobel Peace Bomber Prize President, Barack Obama’s, idea of a ‘peace activist’… WTF???? Hillary the ‘peace activist’? Can’t be true, can it?

Hey, to people who believe that Al Gore is Planet Earth’s saviour and that the Earth is only 10,000 years old, and that Dick Cheney didn’t torture and that a young funny looking Black corporate lawyer means ‘CHANGE”, well why not Hillary, the Peace Lady? Let’s try her out on the Africans and Syrians, the Chinese and Armenians, why don’t we? Hillary Clinton is the new wave ‘for’ Human Rights from The Drone Man! Hurray!

What is so fun about this, is that it is a sign of what America has ahead for the Year 2016! Hillary, new sign of hope for America, right after one term President Mitt Romney. Is anything too absurd for Americans? Well, I’m afraid not. For right now though, it’s just a studio wrestling match with Hillary in one corner, and Bashar Assad in the other! Jerry Springer the referee. Oops, I meant Ban Ki-moon the referee!

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