US military created today’s monster terrorist drug trafficking gang alliance

The Zetas, Mexico’s nastiest gang of drug traffickers noted for mutilating bodies and dumping body parts all over the place into cities and rural towns alike, and the Mara Salvatrucha, Central America’s most notorious gang are joining forces together. See Two of Latin America's deadliest gangs join forces and then let us examine some the history of how these two gangs now have ended up allied together, and who helped create them in the first place?

— In the case of the Mara Salvatrucha, it was the American war against the people of El Salvador, where our kindly, gentle US ex President ‘Ronnie’ Reagan, supplied the El Salvadoran military with US ‘advisors’ and billions upon billions of American tax payer dollars. This caused a wave of Salvadoran immigration into the US, with many of these young immigrants without papers joining Los Angeles gangs, out of which Mala Salvatrucha was formed. Who could have foreseen that good Ol’ Ronnie was producing such a future catastrophe for so many? Perhaps almost anybody with half a brain? However, America’s population seems to be rather short of brains…. and has been for quite some long time, too. Those Salvadoran gang members went back to El Salvador from California’s prisons, and Mara Salvatrucha grew and grew and grew.

The ZETAS of Mexico were formed by the US military at Fort Benning’s ‘School of the America’, known also as ‘School of the American military-trained Torturers’ to help the Mexican military out with its own counter insurgency operations. These people later were hired as a unit by the Gulf Cartel and later split off that group to then form their own drug trafficking gang called the ZETAs. Their American military training background was found to be of great use in being able to gang fight against other cartels for control over Gulf Coast drug trafficking routes arriving up from Colombia, whose military was also trained by the US military. And now the Zetas are in cahoots joined together with Mara Salvatrucha, with both operating in Guatemala which is yet another country whose military has been consistently trained by the US military, and a country that has slaughtered off hundreds of thousand of its own population as well, all as the US government pretended not to know about.

That was a lot of US military work to help create this new monster drug trafficking alliance, was it not? Our tax dollars hard at work! Get your taxes in quick, we only have a couple of days left…. Who knows what monsters we have yet to have our US military create? Some neo- Osama perhaps?

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