Army of US soldiers moves to place themselves on welfare gravy train forever

Associated Press reports… ‘America’s newest veterans are filing for disability benefits at a historic rate, claiming to be the most medically and mentally troubled generation of former troops the nation has ever seen.’

The AP report continues…

‘A staggering 45 percent of the 1.6 million veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now seeking compensation for injuries they say are service-related. That is more than double the estimate of 21 percent who filed such claims after the Gulf War in the early 1990s, top government officials told The Associated Press. What’s more, these new veterans are claiming eight to nine ailments on average, and the most recent ones over the last year are claiming 11 to 14. By comparison, Vietnam veterans are currently receiving compensation for fewer than four, on average, and those from World War II and Korea, just two.’

Boo-hoo-hoo. Our ‘heroes’ in uniform want the civilian portion of the population to support them forever! See full article at AP IMPACT: Almost half of new vets seek disability

We have no desire to see the truly disabled American vet denied their needed government assistance, but this move in mass by soldiers to put themselves on permanent welfare is truly an appalling fraud. Jobs, NOT WELFARE for us all!

(Notice to all of you out there who want to scream that we at NMT are being ‘anti-soldier’… This AP report is based on the Pentagon’s own reports that its soldiers are trying to dessert and DESERT the military for disability benefits instead of staying and continuing to fight the corporate politicians’ wars.)

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3 Responses to Army of US soldiers moves to place themselves on welfare gravy train forever

  1. Avatar Steve says:

    Well NMT since the civilian population voted the jerkoff politicians into office that put the troops into these shitty wars, then years later voted new ones in who have kept them overseas then yeah they can pay to support em….oh and they’re not deserting they’re getting cut by the pentagon since the budgets been cut for the “drawdown” that supposedly is happening…

    Cant have your cake and eat it too “taxpayers” you can either pay to keep em in or cut em and give a small chunk for some of the injuries theyb got while fighting in the war started and continued by politicians you voted in…dont cry about the soldiers cry aout the law that allows em to take advantage of disability….BTW thabks for the full tuition GI Bill with a housing allowance taxpayers….enjoy your student loans….

  2. Avatar elron says:

    T. Logan and NMT…It’s called the cost of war you fools.

    As a veteran of the American Occupation and War On Viet Nam and a lifetime member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), your off-handed remarks as to soldiers and veterans suffering from PTSD and other injuries are lame and insulting. PTSD is real. Current numbers of claims are higher per soldier than for Viet Nam because it took us years to get the gov’t and the VA to even recognize and accept PTSD’s existence or to test, treat, or compensate for Agent Orange . Viet Nam vet claims are higher than WWII, because medical ‘advances’ in ‘Nam allowed for more survivors with injuries than WWII, and current day advances have contributed to an even higher survival rate for those serving in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have caused high numbers of limb loss and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Add to this the fact that the Military record on redeploying those unfit for battle, due to TBI and PTSD is appalling.

    Deployment and redeployment as often as 2,3,4,5 and more times comes at price (11,000 have deployed 6 or more times) The same was not the case in Viet Nam or in WWII).

    Here are some more facts to consider:
    -18 vets a day are committing suicide (A 150% increase in military suicides 2001-2009).
    -20-50% of all soldiers deployed to Iraq and/or Afghanistan suffer from PTSD. Veterans with PTSD are 6 times more likely to commit suicide.
    -1 in 3 women in military have been sexually assaulted.

    Your citing of ‘Pentagon Reports?.. …need I say anymore.

    Yes, there are also War Resistors, those refusing to deploy and/or redeploy due to untreated injuries and/or as a matter of conscience. If able, thru the system they have obtained CO status (quite difficult) or have deserted and in some cases become exiles subject to imprisonment. In any case their discharges are ‘other than honorable’ and they are not eligible for or receiving benefits.

    Check out these brave men and women at I and tens of thousands just spent last weekend with them and in support of their “Peace and Reconciliation” march to the gates of the NATO Summit in Chicago, where they ceremoniously returned their campaign medals to the NATO commanders and generals.

    I repeat, this is all part of the cost of war, a part which this country has often failed to acknowledge. The Right To Heal s/b a given. The failure to recognize and accept this cost of war, which is more than just monetary, is inexcusable by you and this nation. Lessons learned?…my ass!

  3. Avatar Southernfighter says:…..This does not surprise me. I am certain that, should a study be made, half o the working population will walk the xtra mile to live out of wellfare, and have the rest of us pay for their addiction to pain killers, medicinal pot, and other goodies they need to keep their insanity in good shape. I am certain that moron “elron” has his share of welfare benefits paid to him.

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