Huge Rally protests yet another fraudulent Mexican election

The winner is declared after posting only an official 38% of the vote. A recount is done but only of half the ballots, not all of them. Much of the country utterly detests the return of the part of dictatorship back into controlling the country’s highest office. They will make their collective voices known now, even if their voices can not be made known through Mexico’s fraudulent electoral apparatus. Mexicans challenge Pena Nieto's victory in huge march ___We, in the US, face the same sort of challenges that Mexico faces. And our electoral system does not allow us to register our public discontent with the system here either.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    NMT mobile correspondent, Safi, has just reported back to us that there was a demonstration of 150 against Nieto and the electoral fraud in the presidential election held in the small town of Comitan, Chiapas this last weekend. She was told that the rally was considered quite small actually compared to rallies in nearby other larger cities in Chiapas, such as Tuxtla and San Cristobal de las Casas. She also was impressed with how many people told her that they totally despise the American government, as well as their own Mexican government. Safi responded by telling them that 150 at a rally of almost any kind in Colorado Springs would be considered quite large.

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