‘I am Number 132’ demonstrations sweep across Mexico once again demanding a ‘Mexico sin el PRI!’

Here are links to some youtube videos of these large and persistent demonstrations… Mexico City- Mega Marcha Anti-Fraude. Paseo de la Reforma 22/Julio/2012 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=282amcR9YMg&feature=related. Monterrey had their march as well… Megamarcha en Monterrey Yo soy 132 22 Julio 2012, as did 3a #Megamarcha contra la imposición en Toluca, Edo. de Mex. and Tercera marcha anti-imposición en Puebla (22 de Julio de 2012) and MEGA-MARCHA XALAPA 22 DE JULIO 2012 II ___In some cities, police attacked the demonstrators.

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