If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks?

A quiet and rather hidden away news item today is that the US and its allies have just rejected a Syrian peace initiative put forward by Russia and China. Why on earth would the Obama Administration do that, since it says it’s supposedly working to create Peace in Syria? ***See Syria: West rebuffs proposal to work with Iran to solve crisis *** ‘Efforts to forge a united international response to the Syria crisis have been dealt a double blow as the West rebuffed a proposal to work with Iran and Russia rejected a new US peace initiative.’

The answer to why the Pentagon forces of Obama have rejected any peace initiative that includes Iran in the talks, is simply because the Pentagon is launching a new extension of its previous Middle Eastern/ Asian wars with their attack on Syria to soon be followed by a direct attack on Iran as well. The Russian and Chinese governments are wise to that though, and are now no longer allowing the US to go about freely and get its way with other ham-strung countries, as they did with allowing the US to beat down Libya while it was Gaddafi led. So nobody is going to =buy the line now about it being merely just an internal affair of Syria’s that has gotten out of hand due to Assad’s repression. There’s a lot more to it than that!

Way back in the defeat of Saddam’s Iraqi forces in their US sponsored war against Iran, the US began to consider ways to completely alter the entire Middle Eastern landscape through multiple regime changes in order to obtain a more pro Israel, more pro US government, more pro American based multi-national oil company result. Because of that, the Pentagon has started one war after the other throughout this entire region, in both covert and overt manner. Remember Libya! Russia and China do.

Once again our question; If the US really wants Peace for Syria, then why would it reject including Iran in those Peace Talks?

ANSWER- Obama and the Pentagon do not want PEACE at all. They want war. And Iran is the next target they have in mind if they can just conquer Syria first?

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