In a nutshell, this is Israel

The above was seen just tonight at the website of Haaretz, which is Israel’s most important newspaper. Apparently the Jewish people in Israel see nothing wrong with inviting people from Kansas to go and live on land being stolen, step by step, from the original inhabitants of the country, while denying most of those original inhabitants any right to live on their own lands or return to them after they were robbed of their former properties. Is this not akin to how the German NAZIs started their Holocaust against the Jewish population off? They began by vandalizing Jewish properties and then stealing much of what was of worth, down to eventually the gold fillings in peoples’ mouths.

In a nutshell Israel, too, is a racist Apartheid State where one cultural/ religious group steals property from another by way of their own made up laws. Why is the US, where the right to security in holding one’s property is supposedly a holy principle, does the majority of the population continue to support a whole group of people (some invited from Kansas to go live in Israel), who are whole scale using ethnic cleansing and theft from the Palestinians to increase the amount of their own property (land)? Certainly that is an extreme form of racial profiling, is it not? Jews get property, others lose it….

Why do Americans support for another people what they reject in their own country?

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