In Kansas first the religious nuts kill a doctor, then the state government comes along and revokes the medical license of his main associate!

Scott Roeder, 51,
the religious crazy who killed
Dr. George Tiller
It is clear that the religious Right Wingers have little to no morality at all. Here is a particularly grievous example of that lack of morality from the state of Kansas as the Right Wing religious influenced state government tries to enforce pregnancy on women against their will by now revoking the medical license of murdered Dr Tiller’s main associate. Kansas revokes doctor's license in abortion case.

Here is a link to the religious Right Wingers that advocate murdering doctors who provide abortion services to women… The Saltshaker Mission

These Right Wing terrorist crusaders are truly scary people, and surprise! They are not Muslims living overseas, but Christians living right here in Colorado and nearby in Kansas. In fact, they live all over the USA. All of them full of hate and their stupid prejudices, too.

‘Homeland Security’ anybody?

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