Is the Great American Divide whether to hate Gays or not?

The Great American Divide is whether to hate or not? Half the country is ready to hate Blacks in all ways and manner and then to call those who protest against that ‘racists’. Half the country wants to close off the borders and just stay stultifyingly WASP in mindset. Half the country is ready to allow the government to torture Pentagon held POWS, to kill people outside the borders of the US ad lib, and to wage permanent wars of occupation most anywhere while waving the US flag as if at a ball game. And half the country is full of hate towards homosexuals. Let’s admit this much, this country is divided on whether to hate others or not? And nowhere is that Hate Divide so large as with the so-called ‘Christians’ and their attitudes about Gay Marriage. These Right Wing ‘Christians’ simply hate Gays, and they hate almost everybody else other than themselves almost as much, too!

Instead of seeing Gays as mainly being victimized by their hatreds, the so-called Christians want to see themselves as some how being victims of a supposed assault on themselves! Like the cold hearted Norwegian thug, Anders Breivik, these Right Wingers want to see themselves as some how being victimized by those who they think beneath themselves in social stature. Breivik, the Assassin Terrorist, feels persecuted by people professing Islam as their religion, while the American split led by the Right Wing churches wants to see themselves as being persecuted by homosexuals. Both Breivik and the mainstream Right Wing church goer are demented and paranoid to an extreme. Let’s take measures to protect ourselves from this sick half of the sick society we live in. Let’s box them and their hatreds out of our society. Unfortunately teh Democratic Party is not the force that can do that, no matter how much liberals put faith in them to try to do so.

The Democratic Party is adept only at stirring up these hatreds to greater and greater levels. This is precisely what they are now doing with The Issue of Gay Marriage

The Democratic Party simply is not going to defend Gays from their persecutors. Time to ditch the DP, Everybody! Separated from the Democratic Party we win, United with them we fall, and fall hard at that.

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