Is the Venezuelan refinery fire an act of covert US government terrorism?

‘Henrique Capriles, the leading challenger to Mr. Chavez in the Oct. 7 election, said “It’s up the government to figure out what occurred.”‘ Precisely. …Venezuela Refinery Fire Grows

Capriles and his US government allied campaign is arguing that this suspicious fire is a grand example of the supposed incompetence of the Hugo Chavez government of Venezuela. But there is yet another big possibility altogether. Could this fire be a covert action of the US government in yet another effort by Washington D.C. to overthrow Hugo Chavez out of power? We await developments in the investigation of the causes of this fire that has killed about 50 people and damaged a most important oil refinery during the midst of a heated election campaign where the opposition candidate is a stooge of the US government.

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2 Responses to Is the Venezuelan refinery fire an act of covert US government terrorism?

  1. Yes, it was CIA sabotage. The U.S. embassy in Caracas foretold an “extraordinary event” that would close the gap between Chavez and that other guy. (Why is it everybody thinks the CIA doesn’t do this kind of stuff any more? Many U.S. ambassadors and embassy personnel are CIA, as are many presidents–from Mauricio Funes to Ollanta Humala.)
    “During the conversation the North Americans were interested in “reducing the gap due to an extraordinary event whose magnitude and characteristics which they did not reveal, could have an impact on the results of the election and generate unpredictable consequences.”

  2. Lucio Gutierrez, former president of Ecuador–CIA. José Napoleón Duarte of El Salvador–CIA. Patricio Alwyn, who took over from Pinochet–CIA. Every Venezuelan president before Chávez–CIA. Every Christian Democratic president in Latin America–CIA.

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