Gen. James Mattis, Obama’s choice for being head of the US Central Command

Thirty year military veteran, Brian Cloughley, writes in the latest online weekend edition of CounterPunch just exactly what he thinks about Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, who continues to head up the U.S. Central Command in Asia. The following is what he has to say in brief…

‘The fact that a psychotic moron like James Mattis is now chief of the US military’s Central Command is a depressing indication that Washington prefers smart-ass murderous dum-dums to intelligent life. Someone who finds it fun to kill people because they “ain’t got no manhood” is seriously disturbed and should not be in command of a pretzel stand. The appalling Mattis, that piece of perambulating filth — whose official photograph bears an uncanny, terrible and probably intentional resemblance to that of the disloyal, dishonorable and disastrous General Douglas MacArthur — is, quite simply, brainless beyond belief.’

He goes on to state that…

‘Moronic Marine Mattis is the typical US General of our times. He is brash, arrogant, conceited, over-promoted and incompetent. He loves killing people. His troops and aircraft killed 24 soldiers of the Pakistan army on November 26 last year in a cross-border attack, and, like his Washington admirers, he offered no apology for the catastrophe.’

Cloughley’s diagnosis about the US command occupying Afghanistan?

‘Commanders of soldiers — real leaders of men — good officers — have no difficulty in maintaining discipline and decency in their troops. It is when the rot comes from the top that vicious filth appears at the bottom.’

So I guess we can look for even more pissy US government/ Pentagon made atrocities ahead in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. It looks like we will continue to have stormy weather ahead, all thinks to the Democratic Party top leadership and their insistence in fighting old wars and beginning yet new wars of aggression in the ME and Asia. YES, the Bush Cheney crowd has long ago given up being in command of these wars, you know… We know that, don’t we? The US CIC is now Barack Obama, who is head of the Democratic Party.

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