Javier Sicilia brings his anti-drug-war campaign to US from Mexico in August

‘Hoping against hope, I keep trying to plant a tree’ says the Mexican poet, Javier Sicilia Like Cindy Sheehan in the US, Javier Sicilia knows he’s fighting hard core militarism that wants no peace in his country, Mexico. Still he fights back! And where better to fight the Mexican drug war than in the US, where the NORTHCOM generals headquartered right here in Colorado Springs direct the mayhem Pentagon style? Mexican generals and politicians jump to D.C.’s orders.

Sicilia will bring his Peace Caravan to the US and march towards Washington because of that. Expect the US Republican Right Wingers to go absolutely berserk because they will hate the message of Peace as always. Javier Sicilia: Leading His Caravan to Washington After his son was murdered- A Mexican poet took the helm of a new movement challenging the War on Drugs

What can people in the United States do, Javier, to support the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity?

‘If the people of the United States were to take notice of what is happening, they could put pressure on the Obama administration, or whoever comes next, to change the current, absolutely failed policies. When other possibilities have been proposed, like legalizing drugs, controlling guns and attacking money laundering, the U.S. government hasn’t wanted to try them. Instead they respond to violence with more violence.’

We should mention also, that Democracy Now just recently had a great discussion with Javier Sicilia about other ways to deal with drugs than calling in the troops and Police State strategy that Obama continues to favor everywhere… See Stop the Drug War: Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia Condemns U.S. Role in Widening Drug Violence …Great to hear somebody mention that the US had an alcoholic president, George W. Bush, too! Americans need to hear the truth about these matters.

An excerpt… In his son’s memory, Sicilia created the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity to urge an end to the drug war. Sicilia is now in the United States to launch a month-long peace caravan this August after leading a similar caravan across Mexico last year.

“We are outraged, because this war has done nothing for us. It has not solved the problem,” Sicilia says.

“We need to create awareness, consciousness, that the people, the American people, know that behind every drug consumer and behind every use of guns, we pay with dead people.”

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