Just how doped up on medications are US soldiers now getting?

Pills, pills, pills! Just how doped up on medications are US soldiers now getting? The Los Angeles Times today has an article called A fog of drugs and war that mentions ‘more than 110,000 active-duty Army troops last year were taking prescribed antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs, according to figures recently disclosed to The Times by the U.S. Army surgeon general.’

….(and that) ‘Nearly 8% of the active-duty Army is now on sedatives and more than 6% is on antidepressants — an eightfold increase since 2005.’ In the not so distant past, no soldier was allowed to go into combat while on any of these types of drugs. Today is quite different though.

The report continues and states that …

‘Follow-up appointments in the battlefield are often few and far between. Soldiers are sent out on deployment typically with 180 days’ worth of medications, allowing them to trade with friends or grab an entire fistful of pills at the end of an anxious day. And soldiers with injuries can easily become dependent on narcotic painkillers.

“The big difference is these are people who have access to loaded weapons, or have responsibility for protecting other individuals who are in harm’s way,” said Grace Jackson, a former Navy staff psychiatrist who resigned her commission in 2002, in part out of concerns that military psychiatrists even then were handing out too many pills.’

What a mess the ruling elites’ constant war making makes of soldiers. And many of these soldiers were not of the most stable material to begin with. Perhaps it’s simply time to reevaluate whether we should be engaging in all this war for the 1%? Perhaps…. you think?

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2 Responses to Just how doped up on medications are US soldiers now getting?

  1. Avatar carlos santana says:

    i’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation for all the Rx meds in the military. how is a person to thrive and exist in a insane asylum like the modern battlefield? sociopaths and life’s dropouts are perfect candidates for military indoctrination. and for fighting the wars of elitist politicians. after all isn’t medication for the sick? sick in in the head that is.

  2. Avatar Aimee Rose says:

    It is hardly surprising that more active and post duty soldiers have been prescribed meds than ever before. As Brother Carlos said- meds are for the sick and many of these young men and women are suffering emotional, intellectual and moral sicknesses as a direct result of the horrifying experiences they have been involved in and witnessed. What is most shocking however is that the armed forces continue to subject these men and women to such experiences until they are discharged (after a ridiculous 2 week debriefing on re-assimilation) at which point they are left high and dry and told to go to the VA. While VA benefits and hospitals have made significant leaps forward they are hardly capable of serving this damaged community. Once again the onus is put upon civil society to care for the emotionally wounded; let us not forget the impact on the families and friends of these folks as well as our culture and society as a whole. While it is easy to run roughshod over the military and those who participate in it, remember that many enter the military as a means to a better life; steady pay check, job training and money for college. The part left out of the brochures and indoctrination is how to live outside of the military world; incidents of domestic violence, depression and post traumatic stress increase with every war action our government engages in damaging yet another generation of our country. We must hold the war-pig politicians whose salaries we pay accountable!

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