Just who is this guy?

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  1. Avatar Pubilus says:

    ANSWER: He is a member of Occupy San Diego (as evidenced by the picture on the internet of him being arrested and carried off by police during one of their demonstrations), who was disappointed because OSD was not radical enough for him. Not to worry – with minimal effort, OSD should have no problem becoming more radical and attracting more like him in the future.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    First off, Pubilus, nobody is ‘a member of Occupy’ anywhere, not in San Diego, the moon, or Colorado Springs, for that matter. Occupy simply is not a membership organization. PERIOD. Get it, Pubilus?

    Second, you don’t even have a pic posted to back up this claim of yours that the shooter in the theater was perhaps somebody that might have once been stumbling around some Occupy SanDiego event or the other. All you have at this time is your OWN hatred of the Occupy Movement in evidence.

    Pubilus, you need to start reading something other than the Glenn Beck hate rag publication, ‘The Blaze’. Their fan club is working non-stop rumor-mongering about the shooter guy somehow being connected with Occupier and in these circles is where you most likely picked up your Right Winger ditto-brained opinion, isn’t it?

  3. Avatar Pubilus says:

    Plausible deniability – not.

    Nice try deflecting attention from the fact that Occupy is a magnet for malcontents and useful idiots – you, Brother Jonah and Eric are proof positive.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Isn’t Glenn Beck more ‘a magnet for malcontents and useful idiots’ than the Occupy Movement, Pubilus? Yes, I think that he is.

    To be fair to you, you are right that Occupy has attracted some fuck ups because Occupy has worked with Homeless people and the Homeless have some real messed up people amongst their number. But it is precisely the rotten politics of all you Glenn Beckers and Beckettes that helps create such a huge army of unemployed and Homeless people in the US. Good going, Morons!

    Let’s see now, Pubilus? You have now posted twice and yet have offered no shred of any hard evidence that links this mass murderer to Occupy in even the slightest manner. Either do so or just shut yourself up before you make yourself look even stupider than you already have.

    BTW, I would be much more polite to you if you had anything partially intelligent to say here on this subject (or any subject for that matter)….

  5. Eric Eric says:

    Tony- Just a reminder, our “Pubilius” troll is Janice Heuberger, who heckled the February 2010 rally against the camping ban which criminalized homelessness.

    Heuberger was the real estate lobbyist who supplied the city with complaints against the encampments along Fountain Creek, and fabricated accounts of prospective investors rejecting Colorado Springs because of the unsightly tents.

    Heuberger crashed the homeless rally because she was upset that we passed out fliers at the soup kitchen and had recruited quite a crowd. She showed up to give the TV cameras an anti-homeless perspective. Since that rally, she’s labeled us “faux activists” because we weren’t homeless ourselves.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Interesting? Her choice of glasses is kind of similar to the style that the killer has taken for himself. And Janice seems to be almost an Occupy Movement groupie herself!

    I sure hope she doesn’t go completely rabid on us… Glenn Beck-Occupy obsessed and all! Right Wingers with their crazed looks give me the creeps, Eric. They really do.

    I think it really is an interesting question though. Who is this guy James Holmes? We still don’t have much information about him really.

  7. Avatar Pubilus says:

    James Holmes is the stereotypical Occupy supporter:


    Argue with the facts!

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Pubilus, your ‘facts’ gathered from that Right Winger moron and witch hunter, Glenn Beck, are simply a bunch of doo-doo though. Your take on this is something filtered through ‘Private Investigator’, Bill Warner, too. Hardly anything in the least bit reliable…. The following is doo -doo found following your doo-doo link, Pubilus….


    Private Detective Bill Warner is a member of the FBI Partner InfraGard and has worked as a Confidential Informant (CI) for Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Secret Service on smuggled stolen cars scam and money laundering cases.

    Private investigator Bill Warner was put on a Hit List by leaders of Al-Qaeda in Yemen for his role in shutting down Al-Qaeda terror websites.

    WBI Inc PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY 2100 CONSTITUTION BLVD SARASOTA FL, AGENCY LIC #A-9500364, Male and Female Private Detectives since 1995.

    CALL PI BILL WARNER NATION WIDE TOLL FREE 866-755-853, Bill Warner Sarasota CALL 941-926-1926 for cases involving Missing Persons, Child Custody or Cheaters. See our website http://WWW.WBIPI.COM

    PI Bill Warner Catch Cheaters Panama City Beach FL to Sarasota Fl, Male and Female Detectives, CALL 941-926-1926… Bill Warner 16 years as a Private Eye.’

    This sort of stuff is what you tell us are ‘facts’? I think what you are is the ‘stereotypical’ Right Wing nut, Pubilus. Maybe we can get some real info about the killer in the coming days, but you simply show yourself to be about as nutty as the killer is, and are not informative at all, Pubilus. Your life seems to revolve around hating the Occupy Movement.

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