Justice for Trayvon Martin rally held in Acacia Park

From the Black community of Colorado Springs comes glimmers that intelligent life can be found in Colorado Springs after all! Channel 13 reports… Colorado Springs Call For Justice Hundreds Attend Rally In Honor Of Trayvon Martin …If this rally had been better publicized, one feels sure that it would easily have had twice the attendance. Justice Now for Travon Martin! Arrest his assassin immediately!

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1 Response to Justice for Trayvon Martin rally held in Acacia Park

  1. Avatar George Lansbury says:

    Ethnic relations being what that are in the USA, it is tempting to read a racial motive into the slaying of young-Obama look-alike Trayvon Martin (“Black victim; Hispanic killer,” the later protected by largely White cops). Perhaps one should resist that temptation. Certainly, there is also a class angle there—it was the deed of the “Neighborhood Watch” in a “gated community.”

    The trigger-happy arsehole was, by most accounts, a cop wannabe. That odious type comes in assorted colours and varying degrees of mental infirmity. It is extremely common in Colorado Springs…

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