‘Labor Day’ in a country that hates Laborers? What’s with that?

We just got past the nation’s so-called ‘labor day’. There is no more meaningless Holiday around though since our country’s corporate elites actually hate laborers and think that they are the bottom scrapings of society and should be treated like shit…. ALWAYS. They do not want laborers (called workers by many) to have either a minimum wage, or what the elites label ‘entitlements’. Think I am making that all up? Then go to the Wall Street Journal’s Saturday edition immediately before this years’ fake-oH!’labor day’. There, the corporate criminals that hang out in loads at the US’s leading capitalist publication, the WSJ, headlined THEIR idiotic question of ‘Are Entitlements Corrupting Us?’ … the ‘us’ meaning not them! See their real views about LABOR at Are Entitlements Corrupting Us? Yes, American Character Is at Stake.

Really, the use of bureaucratic word, ‘entitlement’, tells us a mountain about the Wall Street Journalist and America’s capitalist ruling elite. You see? The word as used by them does not include any of the trillions of dollars that big time capitalists got to ‘help the economy’ out during the current depression. It does not include any of the trillions upon trillions of dollars of contracts that the government hands them out yearly via Pentagon contracts either! ‘Entitlements’ is a defamatory word used by capitalist elites to describe what laborers might get handed out in pennies to keep them halfway together and marginally alive, when they are sick and/or age… and to keep the laboring class from starving or landing in the gutters of American streets, where they would be a cleanup problem for the country’s big shots.

So what is it like to see this phoney ‘labor day’ pass us laborers by, year after year in our society that despises the common laborers that do the real and hard work of keeping society running? It is a repugnant society we live in that hates us and ‘labor day’ just underlines that, by being a day that has been made meaningless by those who flagrantly run our Planet down into destruction and disintegration. A society that truly values LABOR and the LABORING CLASS makes everyday a day for Labor, not just creates a fake ‘holiday’ in September while moving away from that real day for international workers in May, called May Day. The US ‘labor day’ makes us sicker, and not happier about the role we have of being exploited by the capitalist class for our labors.

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