‘Lesser-evil’ politics demoralize and demobilize progressives

‘Both parties have been driving the country in the same direction for decades now, and towards the same destination. Their road is to a future in which the government safety net is dismantled, working conditions and wages decline to be globally “competitive,” and the power of capital is unrestrained by labor. The Republicans want to speed things up so we get there faster, while the Democratic driver prefers a slightly slower, cruise-control pace. But the car is heading in the same direction regardless of who is driving.’ —(Taken from Reviewing the failed strategy of the ‘pragmatists’)

Today, this message that both corporate parties were bad for the country was taken to the 6,000 people who came to hear Romney speak in Colorado Springs at the airport. I would say that about 1 out of 5 responded favorably to this position as many Republicans themselves don’t really feel very positive about the Romney/ Ryan message.

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