Little to celebrate in the liberals’ pyrrhic election victory this week

A Pyrrhic victory for the Democratic Party tied liberals was slimly gained this past Tuesday in the presidential race. In the race against the weakest Republican candidate presidential imaginable, the great liberal hope, Right Wing centrist Barack Obama, was given another 4 more long years to work with Republicans in destroying hope for the ordinary working (or increasingly not working as it is) American. Let’s now take a brief look at what the liberal side of the divide got for the nation as they squeaked out a ‘victory’ by about 1,500,000 votes? In short, they got themselves an Obomber who will be saying, ‘Let’s all work together’ as the Republican Party Rightists put their nasty obscene hands around the American people’s collective throats trying to choke us all to death with their austerity programs for all that is not funding yet more and more police and military state power! War on, Droneland USA. The increasingly zombified liberals are getting for us all more Republican power and not less of it!

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