Long Live the Juche Idea?

Just what is the Juche Idea? Judge the Juche Idea for yourself… Let Us Study the Juche Idea …and if you are desiring of a nice vacation spot with little irritation from automobile noise pollution and a blessed absence of advertising to hurt the eye, then check out the internationally famous Tower of Juche Idea.

Why threaten the people who worship Juche Idea with war all the time? Would it not be better to start a ‘Peace Offensive’, Christian America? No need for religious warfare against the Juche ‘religion’ at all.

Yes, perhaps we in the US need to look at North Korea as a country full of religious nuts, kind of like the US itself. Christian Americans then can try to convert North Koreans, instead of trying to kill them, and the first start to doing that would be a ‘Peace Offensive’ and the removal of troops out of South Korea. Give South Korea and North Korea both… INDEPENDENCE. We’d be helping the North Koreans with the Juche Idea, too. A win win situation for us all.

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