Many soldiers prefer ‘Life over War’- Afghanistan splits the US military into pro-war Right and anti-war Left wings

There is no pro soldier/ pro military political position at all. Many in and out of the US military hate the US military machine that sent them off to combat. And yet other soldiers hate the vets that are now turned antiwar! 'Life over war': US veterans return medals at NATO summit …Hooray for these courageous vets who stand up against the mindless Right Wing robots the Pentagon wants to fill itself up with! They are true heroes and not the phony type ‘heroes’ that seemingly only know how to make total Right Wing asshole fools of themselves.

We at Not mM Tribe are getting a little bit fed up with the hate filled pro war vet types who always want to accuse us of being supposedly anti soldier. They send us their insults non stop but are they really pro-soldier at all? NO they are not, and We at NMT are not anti soldier at all either.

It is many of you Right Wingers who are the real anti vets’ anti-soldiers out there! In fact, you flag waving dittoheads are anti-anybody who hates the US war machine. And you hate the antiwar vets along with hating just anybody and everybody else who speaks up for and demands Peace Now. Your pro killing attitude is Sick in the Head illogic.

We need to empty our country of support for your Right Wing pseudo ‘patriotism” of the My America Right or Wrong sort. That type of thinking is DEAD END. And is bad for our country. Constant War will lead us to destitution unless it is stopped soon.

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2 Responses to Many soldiers prefer ‘Life over War’- Afghanistan splits the US military into pro-war Right and anti-war Left wings

  1. Avatar Ann says:

    The reason veterans dislike the IVAW crowd is the complete lack of credibility displayed by the members. IVAW members have been repeatedly discovered lying and falsifying their records. Excluding the Catholic Church I have never seen an organization so incapable and unwilling to appropriately vet the claims of their membership. Even most of the board members have been discovered shamelessly falsifying their records. The few actual combat veterans who actually the wire have almost all quit in disgust, or been run off

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Ann, I notice how you back your assertions with absolutely nothing. The antiwar vets’ opinions are just as worthy of note as all those vets who still see fit to support and fight the constant wars of your beloved Empire’s military and your efforts to try to besmirch the antiwar vets are totally disgusting and low.

    Once again, we see that many of those who wave the flag all the time are really the actual people who do not support soldiers, and want to dump on them when they no longer support the lies the Empire has/ had them fighting for.

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