Marine murderers again found to be ‘Innocent’? We don’t think they are

They kill people, then they say ‘Sorry’ states the child survivor of a US Marine revenge massacre in Haditha, Iraq. How true her words are…. See the you tube film about The Child Survivor of Haditha Massacre

Then in the US courts they now say ‘Innocent’ about all the US Marine killers of those civilian Iraqis slaughtered. All 8 Marines in killings have been released now free of all charges. See U.S. Marine spared jail time in Iraq killings

Why is it that so many Americans refuse to admit that US troops cold bloodedly often kill innocent non-combatants, including many children? Obviously, the fact that US courts refuse to act in just manner about military criminality helps these American to stay in mass denial. The military here in the US are considered an elite, and quite simply above all law.

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