Mega Agro-industry US style has helped destroy Mexico’s countryside and led to ‘Drug War’ battlefield deaths

US style mega- corporate agriculture has been pushed onto Mexico rural area for decades now, and as a result tens of millions upon tens of millions of Mexicans have been left destitute in areas that once flourished with small agricultural towns. The rural poverty is much more severe than what these policies led to in rural USA, which certainly also were left devastated in many cases. Where to turn to to make a living?

Well it is apparent that only drug trafficking cartels are offering much employment for rural people these days, as racist US immigration laws have put the squeeze on income from going North into the US. As the US also turns to forcing a ‘drug war’ scenario on these rural areas, tens of thousands of people are losing their lives due to Made in US economic and political policies. All this is getting played out in the Mexican elections for president once again, as the vote comes this July 1. See al jazeera- Mexican farmers feel forgotten by politicians for a brief report about the rural campaigning.

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