Mexican voters increasingly feel locked out by election choices given them

Mexico’s presidential selection is just one month away, and voters feel increasingly like the supposedly democratic system there is locking out of any consideration their often voiced desires to end the US pushed ‘war on drugs’ that is tearing up their country. The US and Mexican business communities want to merely give voters a choice of selecting either the PRI or PAN honchos, who both will continue to push more warfare supplied by US dollars and Mexican blood.

The ‘Left’ light choice of PRD has been elected twice before in presidential elections during the last 30 years, both times with the election result nullified by fraud backed up by international players such as the US government who gave their stamps of approval on robbing the elections from their natural winners. What’s to be gained by going that route again, many must be asking themselves? Why vote AMLO of the PRD when even when he wins, he loses! So who can the voters turn to?

The results of this election in Mexico will strongly determine the way the US will propagandize their continued drug wars in Latin America. That alone is the reason American citizens should pay some attention to what’s happening south of the USA. Mexico's Pena Nieto feels the heat with finish in sight ___How overt will the fraud be this itme around?

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