Mexico asks once again, ‘Where is Jimmy Carter and his ‘Carter Center’ when we need him?

Here is the Carter Center bragging about some of its works monitoring elections. They say they have even monitored elections in China! Yeah, I bet they have …LMAO… Elections Monitored by The Carter Center: 91 Elections in 36 Countries (May 2012 figures) ___But, Jimmy, who widely is thought of as speaking some limited, very limited form of Spanish, since it is said to be worse than even Dubya’s abilities in that lengua, can’t seem to find his way down to Mexico to monitor elections there! What’s his damn problem? If you are going to brag about doing that kind of work, yet act as if you think that Mexico doesn’t have a problem with holding fraudulent elections, then you are SURELY a phony and a fraud, Jimmy. Do you not know how to get to the Tex-Mex Border at least and do some work?

So here is some of the latest about the Mexican presidential election held on July 1 this last week. Sad stuff… Read it and weep. Accusations Grow of Vote-Buying in Mexico Election.

Democratic Party liberal voters are always suckers for buying into that rebuilt donkey politician imagery stuff. Slick, while not getting sucked off, is helping Haitians… Gore is saving the planet’s environment as Super Green Man… and of course Jimmy is building houses, monitoring elections and praying for Palestine blah blah blah. But what a cowardly man he is! Mexico needs monitoring, too, Jimmy. They are our immediate neighbors and you’re the plumber to go in that house and do the dirty work, Jimmy. Not Joe the Plumber! He won’t do it. So there is lots of mierda down Mexico way in those elections, Jimmy! Get to it, Big Guy!

And besides just elections, there is that little thing about PEACE and JUSTICE that your ‘Center’ says it is dedicated to promoting. Jimmy, did you know that Mexico has a problem about that IN BETWEEN those elections, too? Talk too much about PEACE down there and you might literally lose your head. What’s with your “center’ saying nothing about all that ‘drug war’ thing Obama is pushing off down South, Jimmy? Where are you, Mr. Southern Baptist ex Presidential Dude? Are you sleeping down on the peanut farm? Your ‘Center’ doesn’t seem to bee aware that Mexico needs some ‘conflict reoslution’ and PEACE! How damn cowardly and ignorant is that?

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