Mexico set to ditch the political party (PAN) most identified with carrying out the bloody US war on drugs

The Made-in-the-US, so called Mexican drug war has led to the deaths of over 60,000 in recent years and Mexicans are fed up with the increasing national insecurity arising from this war. As a result, the country is set to return the old PRI ‘dinosaurs’ back into Los Pinos, which is the Mexican White House come July this year. It is selection time Mexico style, and the PRI presidential candidate now has an insurmountable double digit lead according to all polls. The man to beat As the presidential campaign officially begins, time is running out to catch up with Enrique Peña Nieto.

Thanks to the US and Mexican business communities, Mexico has now successfully established a ‘2 party system’ there, where two corporate based political parties pretend to the public to be in perpetual opposition, yet ally themselves to smother out any possible uprising from the Left via a third party of the People. The model for this, of course, is the DP-RP game played against us in the US.

What is little known about the drug war battles inside Mexico, is that the direction for the Mexican government’s strategy actually comes by way of the US’s Pentagon, or more specifically, it comes from right here in Colorado Springs at Peterson Air Force Base! That’s where the US run military command center of North America (NORTHCOM) is head quartered.

Don’t want ‘illegal aliens from Mexico inside ‘your’ USA? Then take your complaints to Peterson and the Pentagon. We’re in Mexico, therefore Mexico will be somewhat inside the US as well. You helped bloody Mexico by your ‘support for the soldiers’ …then perhaps you owe some impoverished Mexican nationals at least a job???

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7 Responses to Mexico set to ditch the political party (PAN) most identified with carrying out the bloody US war on drugs

  1. Avatar James says:

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    James, what does your spamming ads for Beck online to blogs have to do with anything I wrote here? If you abuse this site in this way in the future we might just have to moderate your material in the future. I at least expect you to make a tiny effort to write something at least semi-intelligent on topic when you visit us, as you are prone to do. Can you do that in the future or is that too much a challenge for your thick skull?

  3. Avatar James says:

    no, logan you twit I was noting that is in the corner of the picture you posted

  4. Avatar James says:

    take a look at the picture, look at the right upper corner and observe. Think before speaking, like Brother Jonah used to

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Well it is true, Jimmy. I missed that. However, I hardly think that Glenn Beck snapped that photo himself though, so how he gets to stamp it now with the logo for his own stupid show I do not know?

    Do you think that he might be suffering PTSD from so many horrid things that his politics leads to? Actually I had wanted to post the latest ‘scattered heads’ off Borderland Beat, another US Right Winger, US pro-militarism website, but I was unable to drag it to the NMT screen. Oh well… So we got the idiot’s GB logo on NMT instead. Who really cares though? Leave it to you to notice the GB scribbled in lightly and to actually miss the detached heads’ significance to Colorado Springs politics, James.

  6. Avatar James says:

    yep, you sure did. Saw the heads as well, and I just saw you to turn it around and attack me somehow. And by the way, I wasnt challenging you in anyway– I was just curious as to why the beck logo was there? I hadnt thought beck was into that sorta thing haha

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    OK, sorry that I lunged at your throat so quick, James. Perhaps it has something to do with the nastiness coming at me from certain local low life folks, and I have been a little bit on edge for that? These folk can’t be bothered oftentimes to do anything much more than say something nasty and personal to us at NMT, and after a while I have tended to respond back to them in like manner, since what’s really much the use in discussing politics with people who only want to do you some form of harm? Not much IMO.

    BTW, I used to hang put with my wife’s friends and family in the Borderland areas of Mexico, but this ‘drug war’ battlefield is now full of the carnage made out of more than just a few of our conocidos there. That’s very depressing.

    I once courted my wife in these areas that now are unsafe for all. I take this issue of the US forced ‘Mexican drug war’ kind of personal at this time. The US government runs this war, and yet we as a people act ignorant about all that. What a shame…

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