Mexico’s PRI-PAN corporate dictatorship’s 3 Ring Circus

Twelve years ago the US and PRI one party state in Mexico pretended to end dictatorship by allowing the Vicente Fox and the PAN to enter into Los Pinos (the Mexican White House). What is the legacy for PAN after 12 years in dictatorial office, backed by the worldwide corporate media, US government and business Establishment, and the Pentagon run, Mexican military?

‘(2012) It’s a sad day for Mexico when the PAN can get away with marketing itself as a “progressive” choice, simply because 1) its candidate is a woman and 2) it isn’t the PRI. Merely accelerating the neoliberal reforms imposed by the old dictatorship in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the party has also used the pretext of the “war on drugs” to militarize the country beyond recognition, with a phenomenal surge in gang violence and abuses by security forces.’

People hate the PAN and hate the PRI but cannot see any alternative to these thugs that can actually take power away from the US backed Mexican dictatorship. Only a couple of weeks left before the elections, and no viable choice for real change seems offered to the impoverished population. What will Mexicans do in the next couple of weeks? Under the direction of the US NORTHCOM Command center at Peterson Air Force base, the county is being turned by the US military into a slaughterhouse, all under the pretense of fighting drug trafficking. The real objective of the US government though, is to remain firmly in control over the entire Latin America region, by increasing he militarization of the Americas.

See The Gloss Comes Off the PRI The Mexican Dinosaur for more of Paul Imison’s Mexican election reporting.

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