More ‘marijuana’ madness

Now that the ‘Miami cannibal’ toxicology report came back clean except for him having marijuana in his body, who else has been going crazy on that innocent ‘marijuana’ thing? The Miami cannibal could not be tested for all hallucinogenic substances but just the standard US law enforcement array of them. So who knows still really what he actually had smoked?
So the toxicology report left it really unclear with exactly what the weed had been dusted with? And now another such news item comes from wacky Waco, Texas … a sad story of a man again possibly thinking weed to all be a harmless ‘medicine’ because of all the pro-marijuana people pushing their lines about it supposedly being so. See Michael Daniel Accused Of Killing, Eating Dog On K-2 (so-called synthetic marijuana) Fueled Rampage. If you buy weed on the street, it could have almost anything added into it. BEWARE. Better just not to do it.

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